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Florcy Morisset Bus '16

Florcy is a Serial Entrepreneur and Operations Leader within Art & Tech as well as a burgeoning Angel Investor. An entrepreneur at heart, at the age of 26, Florcy founded Vivant Art Collection - now an online cultural arts gallery. In 2016, Florcy pivoted and shifted into the Technology sector, where she led strategic initiatives and teams in Product innovation, Enterprise Support and Program Management both at Dell Technologies and Netflix.

She later co-founded Tribe Academy, a STEM-based career accelerator and professional development organization for college students and professionals. Her latest venture is Spky Frsh (pronounced spooky fresh) is a Generative Social Impact NFT Collection.

Her mission is to utilize emerging technology and human-centered design to drive innovation. Florcy is an angel investor in both Solv, Nestre Performance, Versus Game, Brex as well as investor in cryptocurrency and options. She lives in San Francisco with her dog, Prince Beau.