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Ashlee Sapienza Ed '19

Ashlee Sapienza is a licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist and owner of a private practice in Annapolis, Maryland. Her area of focus lies in sexual assault and domestic violence and she feels privileged to work with clients from diverse backgrounds and identities. In addition to co-leading support groups for women, Ashlee is a certified Abuse Intervention Specialist and has experience in group facilitation for perpetrators. Additionally, Ashlee is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and enjoys helping clients release trauma that is held in their bodies as well as in their emotional world. When fitting, she also enjoys incorporating Brainspotting to help to reach unprocessed trauma in the subcortical area of the brain. In terms of therapeutic approaches, Ashlee believes that each person is multifaceted and she enjoys helping clients use their innate wisdom to accept and heal each part of them.