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Sania Khan Bus '18

Sania Khan is a Senior Economist at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics where she oversees the nation's largest data collection program and is responsible for developing optimization insights using data, and leading initiatives, using those insights, to drive continuous innovative improvement. She is also the author of the forthcoming book, 'Think Like an Economist,' which brings together core economic ideas and applies to the most important areas of one's life - financial wellness, personal development, and professional advancement.

Sania is also an ex-startup founder of the ed-tech platform, The Millennial Economist, and is on the board for WorldData.ai which provides free access to data for all.

The top 3 professional things that I have been able to leverage during the pandemic -- building a startup from an idea to 8 employees at The Millennial Economist, switching from startup to writing a book, and honing in on my 'ikigai' - the Japanese word for 'finding one's purpose.'